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Columbus RemodelingThe perfect kitchen or bathroom remodeling job is about more than new tile floors and picking the perfect cabinets. In order to have that dream tub you always wanted, you also need proper plumbing installation. Your remodeling job is complemented with a professional plumber who can ensure unseen components are properly installed with quality worksmanship.

There are plenty of good remodeling contractors who do amazing work, however, the most important part of the work often behind the scenes. You surely don't want your beautiful new tub or sink to spring a leak and cause problems you can't see.

These are the types of problems that end up leading to high water bills and constant repairs. Get the job done right the first time around — let the professional remodeling contractor coordinate their work with the experienced plumbing professionals at Drains N Pipes.

Remodeling Experts

In some cases, maybe your plumbing is all you need renovated. Often, older homes have pipes that are outdated or in a state of disrepair, leading to issues like frequent leaks or poor water quality. We can update your plumbing system so that you can keep that historic home while enjoying the amenities of modern day plumbing. This includes having improved water pressure or being able to use more than one plumbing fixture in the house at a time. It's not worth the risk to have your basement flooded or exposed to raw sewage because one your old pipes finally broke. Remember, the life expectancy of your pipes depends a great deal on the type of material used and plumbing technologies have improved substantially over the four decades we've been in business. Give us a call today so we can find out more about the type of plumbing remodeling project you have in mind.

Local Remodeling Professionals

For homes that have been around longer than six decades, it is a good idea to let a professional plumber inspect the pipes every year so they can take a look at the exposed pipes and monitor for problems like flaking, discoloration, dimpling or other red flags.

If you notice any unusual problems with your plumbing, give Drains N Pipes a call and we will get your home back in proper working order.

If you are looking for a Columbus plumber please call us today at (614) 253-5858 or complete our online request form.