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Water Heaters Need Maintenance, Too

Columbus Tankless Water HeatersHot water heaters hold a lot of water. There is an influx of fresh water into the tank as you use up the heated water. Water is heated and held only until you need more, then it is let in through a control valve on the fresh water line. All new water coming into the tank has sediments and other particles that flow through the tank as well.

Sediments include lime, which when heated high enough will turn into scale. Scale is sticky and coats everything it touches. This includes pipes, fixtures, the lining and components inside a water tank, inside the dishwasher, and all other parts of your plumbing system. Within water heaters, it sinks down to the bottom of the tank.

Over time, the scale and other particles like iron can cause a tank to rust out. It forms layers in the bottom of the water heater tank and builds up on the heating elements. It eventually rusts out the tank or can cause the heating elements to fail. It also builds up in layers that decrease the diameter of plumbing pipes. It rusts and corrodes connections and joints. Soon your faucets and showerheads get clogged.

Your local Columbus plumber at Drains N Pipes can help you solve problems such as this with your water heater and plumbing system.

Water Heater Flush-Outs

This material needs to be removed, especially the buildup within the hot water heater tank. This keeps the tank from rusting out sooner than it should. Your local Columbus plumber will run fresh water into the tank and allow the sediments to flow out through a garden hose to the outdoors. They may also need to manually clear out the buildup in the bottom of the tank if it's needed.

Water Heater Maintenance

The water heater has moving parts and electrical connections that need to be tested and maintained. It needs to be inspected and cleaned out about once a year if you don't have a water softener installed. When the water heater is serviced, the parts last longer and so does the tank.

Water Softeners For Longer Lasting Water Heaters, Appliances, & Plumbing Pipes

Corrosion can be a huge problem. Sediments cause corrosion, so the best preventative measure is to install a water softener. This is a more permanent solution to fix the scale buildup problem. The softener changes the hardness of the water, making soap work better for cleaning as well.

The water softener gets rid of the sediments before the hot water heater has a chance to turn them into scale. The water heater functions better and lasts years longer. This is true for the rest of the plumbing system and other appliances like the dishwasher and ice maker.

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