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Drain Cleaning For Healthier Columbus Homes

Drain Cleaning in Columbus, OHThe plumbing drains in your Columbus area home can become a place where bacteria and other organic substances thrive unless you keep them regularly cleaned out. Your fresh water supply is important, but equally important is the system that removes waste water from your home.

Drain cleaning services by professional plumbers isn't only done when clogs are present, but also as regular routine maintenance to keep your waste water or sewer pipes cleared starting at the drains.

When your waste water system is accumulating hair and other debris, the build up can sit in the U-traps of the pipes and start to decay. Unless that area is cleared out, it's a prime location for bacterial growth.

As water flows down the drains that are harboring bacteria, they can backup and cause the water to backflow into your bathtub, commode, sinks, and when bad enough onto your flooring.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Columbia

You can clear out some of your drains yourself with various drain cleaning tools, but none can clean your drains like professional plumbing tools can. As professional plumbers, our tools vary for different situations, but are in general way more sophisticated and technology advanced so the drains can be thoroughly cleaned and any hard buildups removed.

Organic material needs to be flushed out of your drains and the hard substances from sediments in the water blasted away. Drain cleaning services in Columbus can thoroughly rid your drains of any buildups, solids, and organic materials in all your home's drains, ensuring you have a healthier home to live in.

Depending on how long it's been since your drain systems have been cleaned, a healthier drain system can be kept cleaned about once a year after they've been thoroughly cleared. Initially, it may take a little work if your drains haven't had attention in some time.

Keep Your Drains Cleared Between Drain Cleaning

There are things you can do to help keep your drains in better condition between professional drain cleaning.

1. Don't put the following substances down your kitchen, shower, sink, or toilet drains:
  • grease, fats, or oils
  • chemicals
  • toys
  • egg shells or potato peels
  • lizards or other small pets
  • trash
  • any paper other than TP
  • bar soap pieces
  • hair (on purpose)

2. Purchase and use a plastic drain cleaning stick that pulls out the hair and goo 3. Keep a catcher or strainer in your sink and bathtub drains 4. Call a plumber to have your hot water tank cleaned to clear out sediments

Keeping your drains cleaned means a healthier environment for you and your family. Mold and mildew can easily form in your bathtub, toilets, and sink fact anywhere there is moisture and darkness. Cleaning your drains can remove bacteria and keep your drains from growing and harboring mildew or mold.

Call your local trusted plumbers at Drains-N-Pipes for the best, affordable drain cleaning in the Columbus area. And be sure to take a look around our website for Referral Rewards and other discounts and coupons we have available to help you save money on all your plumbing services!

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