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Your Trusted Licking County Plumbers In Newark, OH

Newark Plumbing RepairPlumbing systems in your home are something you don’t want to mess around with. Not many people would really want to get down and dirty to work on plumbing. Plumbing is underground, surrounded by concrete, under cabinetry, in holes and under dark places. It can be hard to reach and hard to work on.

There’s no reason for you to get dirty or frustrated when your plumbing fails. The only finger you have to lift is to call us at Drains-N-Pipes.

Our contractors understand that even though getting down and dirty with plumbing can be fun, your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of your home are meant to stay clean and beautiful!

We are your trusted Licking County Plumbers! Our team of professional plumbers offers you 40 years of experience in:

Commercial Plumbing Installation Services in Newark, OH

From complex plumbing system installations to simple plumbing repairs, our team of expert plumbers are ready to take on your commercial project.

We ensure that our technicians are fully trained and licensed and are skilled at the most advanced plumbing technologies. We are your one-stop call for professional plumbing installation and repair in the Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.

Plumbing Repairs in Newark, OH

If you’ve come across a dirty plumbing mess caused by a leak or other problem, call us at Drains-N-Pipes. We’ll crawl under the house, dig holes in dirt and concrete, tear out walls, crook our necks under your cabinets, crawl through dark holes, and whatever else is required to do the job because that is what we love to do!

Remodeling Plumbing Services in Newark, OH

At Drains-N-Pipes, we are fully versed at local codes and the permitting and inspection process. Put your faith in a professional who knows the law and doesn’t try to short-change you with rigging up a quick fix that will quickly break or leak.

Local code enforcement authorities will inspect property improvement projects, first giving them a permit to do the work, and finally when it’s done. They require that certain minimum quality of materials are used in specific ways to ensure the property owner is getting the best services that protect the owner’s interests.

It is best to call in a plumber from the beginning when planning a remodeling project so that none of the work will have to be redone. It will cost you money if your plumber didn’t know what they were doing or how to comply with code requirements.

Map of Newark, OH

If you are looking for a professional Newark plumber please call us today at (614) 253-5858 or complete our online request form.