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colubus drain cleaners, Bio-Clean Drain CleanerBioOne® is a friendly bacteria that digests oil, grease and food wastes into water and carbon dioxide. BioOne® is ideal for clogged lines and grease traps as well as septic systems.

  • Reduces costly business interruptions
  • Columbus Drain CleanerReduces drain line backups
  • Minimizes pumping costs and inconveniences
  • Improves wastewater compliance
  • Environmentally safe, natural bacteria
  • No handling by restaurant personnel required
  • Auto-dispensing: Simple, Safe, Dependable
  • Scheduled service

The BioOne® Auto-dispensing system can eliminate costly grease-related problems which cause slow and stopped drains. The system automatically meters the correct amount of Bio-One, keeping main drain lines flowing and improving the efficiency of the grease trap.

Bio-One is the most effective microbial drain treatment available, and Bio-One is completely natural: No soaps, no harsh chemicals, no premixing, no waiting. Just start the system and go. Simple, safe, and dependable. Live vegetative bacteria are dispensed via the programmed autodispensing system. Once in the drain line and grease trap, these friendly organisms immediately begin consuming oil, grease, and other organic matter.

Emulsification of grease and oil is in violation of many local regulations. Unlike other drain cleaners and grease trap clearing products, Bio-One will not emulsify grease or oil. Bio-One literally consumes oil and grease and organic matter converting it to carbon dioxide and water. Bio-One improves wastewater quality by reducing COD, BOD, and TSS contaminate levels.

Bio Clean Drain Cleaning Columbus OH

epa safe drain cleaner colubus oh

BioOne® has met the EPA’s DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.


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